Best Snoring Mouthpiece Review 2018: Latest Edition

In my last post, I spoke about the 4 main brands (VitalSleep, SnoreRX, ZQuiet, Good Morning Solution) that my family have considered before and make recommendations for.

In this post, I am actually doing a new review for 2018 and the new offerings that companies like VitalSleep has been releasing for the newly improved version of their anti snoring mouthpiece in 2018.

This is the new and improved mouthpiece from VitalSleep!

Honestly, VitalSleep is a great product and our family is getting their new version as well because we have been told that these are the improvements for these new versions:

  • Deep dental impressions for a custom fit.  This is achieved by heating the mouthpiece in hot water for 90 seconds and then biting into it. Teeth impressions are formed creating a secure and comfortable fit – similar to a custom dentist fitted oral device.
  • The lower tray’s adjustability has increased to advance the lower jaw further if needed by the user.
  • The new design is low profile and more comfortable.
  • Improved durability will extend the mouthpiece lifespan. It cannot be overheated when fitting.


VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Free Same Day Shipping. Made in USA.

Reg Price: $79.95

Sale: $59.95

    • Wake up feeling well rested.
    • Opens your airway for quiet breathing.
    • FDA-Cleared, adjustable and provides a custom fit.
    • Choose from 2 sizes for a comfortable fit.
    • 60-night money back guarantee

Why do we like VitalSleep so much?

Apart from it having Free Shipping, being made in the US, I love the fact that it has a 60-night money back guarantee and the fact that the new version has a custom fit impressions for your teeth similar to a custom dentist fitted oral device as well.

What’s not to love about this product?


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